The Gossip Girl Reboot is FINALLY here.

Before I get into this review I should divulge that I watched the OG Gossip Girl a couple of years after its release and it was really hard to not get sucked into the world of the show. And even though it has been a while since I watched Gossip Girl, I wasn't that interested in the reboot... until I saw the trailer. 

Episode 1

The first episode does something interesting by telling us who Gossip Girl is in the first 10 minutes and while some fans of the OG show might be confused as to why, I think it was a smart move, the show is off to a  different start than the first one and has set itself apart, and Gossip Girl's  (now hereby known as GG) motivation's while different from her OG counterpart, still bring about the chaos that we love from the original. 

This version also asks questions surrounding the morality of GG, something that I can't remember the original doing. (If you've seen the episode let me know what you think because I have OPINIONS)

As far as a pilot goes, I enjoyed it and I'm curious to see where this version of the story progresses.

Episode 2

I don't want to say this is a show that I enjoy less, the more I watch it, but I didn't like this episode as much as I did the first one. This episode felt like set-up for something else and while we did get some interesting revelations, the episode as a whole fell a little flat and I found myself asking "What exactly is happening?" It felt like we were moving from scene to scene just to get from point A to point B. 

One of my main issues with this episode surrounds GG's identity and while I'm still not going to spoil it, I want to see how the show pulls it off because even though I wasn't mad at it in the first episode, it doesn't really work in practice. This may seem like my feeling towards the show are completely opposite to how I felt after episode 1 and that is not 100% the case, I may not have liked this episode but I still want to watch the show to see where the story is going.

Episode 3

The beauty of writing episodic reviews is that you can see my reactions to the show in "real-time". I say this to say that I preferred this episode to the last one. The issue that I had pertaining to GG's identity is one that I don't think the show can fix at this point, IT JUST DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. Also, I m ositive that the wirters are going to write themselves into a corner at soem point because this episode has a lot of narrow misses that can't really fly for that much longer. 

That being said, this episode brought back a lot of the antics that we loved in the original, I'm not going to spoil what Julian and Max did but it involves lyirng and manipluation something that the orginal show had in spades but this one is lacking. We also get a makeover scene which falls a little flat, considering this is GOSSIP GIRL. Clothes and makeover play an importnant role and while this scene has a narrative function, it feels disingenuous.