Why did we forget about Meet the Robinsons?

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Lewis is a young inventor who is trying his best to show that he is good enough o be adopted by prospective parents. During his school's science fair, he encounters Wilbur Robinson who from the future and is trying to recover a time machine stolen by the mysterious bowler hat guy.

Meet the Robinsons is based on a children's picture book called 'A Day with Wilbur Robinson' but was expanded greatly as the original didn't include the time travel aspect and from the little that I know but the original, the adaptation still manages to hold onto the essence of it while being different and distinct.


I saw surprised by how many notable voices are in this movie. Angela Bassett, Adam West, Nicole Sullivan and Tom Selleck.  Seeing as I hadn't seen this movie in so long hearing all those voices were a welcome surprise, especially Tom Selleck, who has the best inside jokes of the entire movie.

Jordan Fry and Wesley Singerman play Lewis and Wilbur respectively and they have great chemistry. I am 99% sure they didn't record their lines together but you wouldn't know from the way the creates of the movie bounced their performances off each other.


This movie is a lot wittier than I gave it credit for. That could also be because I was 9 when I first saw it and a lot of the jokes flew over my head, but seeing as I haven't seen this movie is well over 7 years, it was like I hadn't heard the jokes before and I ended up laughing because there are quite a few meta jokes that were probably geared towards the adults watching this movie than the kid, but they make the movie as a whole better.

Stephen John Anderson made his feature film directorial debut with this movie but he
 has been working at Disney's Animation studio since 1990 and because of that, he clearly understands the Disney formula because this movie follows is to a T.


This is one of the weaker aspects of the film and that's only because animation has progressed so much in the 13 years (!!) since this movie was released. You cannot compare it to a movie like Onward that was released this year. However, for the time it was released, Meet the Robinsons was different as 3d animation was new and slowly becoming the norm that it is today. So not only is Meet the Robinsons futuristic in its story, it's futuristic in animation techniques


When Danny Elfman scores a movie there is a high chance that I'm going to like it and that's the case here. I really liked the score, it has a whimsical sound that fits perfectly with the general tone of the movie. There's also a duality to is as it flows with the more emotional moments in the film.
That and the song Little Wonders was a bop in 2007 and is still a bop now. Give it a listen. (when you're done with this of course)

Overall Thoughts

The question stands, why did we forget about Meet the Robinsons? It's a fun movie with a wacky character, an emotional story and a message that we should all remember. And much like last week's review, I got this one from the internet but it wasn't a YouTube comment this time, it was this tweet
And Sherry is right, this movie is underrated, with its clever writing, likeable characters and surprisingly intimidating villain, Meet the Robinsons is a movie that I'm pretty sure you'd enjoy. While it may not be Disney's best, it certainly isn't' the worst.

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