Someone called 'Nanny McPhee' the new Mary Poppins and I kinda agree

NANNY McPHEE POSTER ] The movie came out in 2005 and I still watch ...Story

After the passing of his wife, Cedric Brown requires the help of a nanny to take care of his seven badly behaved children but none of them are able to make an impact until Nanny McPhee.

The story is a very simple one and that’s why it works. It never tries to be more than it is. There’s heart, humour as well as a little drama and all the elements are balanced very well.


There are some strong performances in this movie, especially from Emma Thompson, Colin Firth and Thomas Brodie-Sangster. Their performances as Nanny McPhee, Mr. Brown and Simon respectively are what carry the film. Even though the movie isn’t a drama there are dramatic elements in their performances and that sets this film apart.

My favourite supporting character by far is Angela Lansbury, she’s a breath of fresh air, even when she’s playing and extremely unlikeable character. Quite frankly Angela Lansbury is always a win. The other supporting characters are also really good. Their performances make the film more well-rounded. Especially the child actors who are all really good. They all have chemistry which makes them feel like a real family.


This movie is based on Nurse Matilda by Christianna Brand and while I know nothing about the source material, I’m intrigued enough to go and read the books. Emma Thompson wrote the screenplay and as a stand-alone it works really well. It’s interesting as it feels period appropriate and modern at the same time which means it’s easy to follow, which is always a plus.

The movie was directed by Kirk Jones and he did a great job of balancing the weirdness with a genuine story that makes you feel. In 97 minutes you’re able to fall in love with all the characters and root for the way possible outcome.

CGI/Set Design 

Seeing as the film was released in 2005 any and all CGI doesn’t look that great, however it’s used sparingly so it never becomes an issue.

The Set Design is phenomenal especially as the Brown house and the surrounding village had to be built from scratch. You can tell from the setting what kind of film you’re in for. The movie is set in Victorian England and while being accurate to the time period, it also perfectly captured the comedic and fantastical elements.


Usually when I watch a movie I pay attention to the score but there are times when I don’t. As odd as it sounds this movie is in both of those categories. The score isn’t the focus of the movie but it fits the tone perfectly. A really good way to describe Patrick Doyle’s score is wacky. It sounds as colourful and eclectic as the movie looks.

Overall Thoughts

Nanny McPhee is a great watch it’s the perfect amount of ridiculous that will keep you engaged and entertain the whole time. It has loveable characters and a great story. It can be compared to Mary Poppins and while the comparison is valid, this is its own story.

I haven’t seen this movie in at least 5 years and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. It’s one of those movies that works when you turn your Brian off. It also works as one that is meant to teach a lesson. That lesson being about family and its importance. Also that you need a magical nanny to help you hen you have unruly kids.