Why not take a day off and watch 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'

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Ferris Bueller fakes being ill so he could have a day out who his friends, regardless of what others think about it.

The story in this movie is very straightforward and due to the way the story is structured, it takes place over the curse of a day. This gives us a time frame for all the events that need to take place and that gives the film a sense of urgency that I wasn't expecting, especially in the last few minutes.


Matthew Broderick was made for the role of Ferris (although he has been attached to the role for so long that I cannot imagine anyone else in that role.) Ferris is one of those characters that we all aspire to be, carefree and unbothered albeit a little obnoxious but that's what makes his so likeable. You want a friend like Ferris who is going to bring out your more spontaneous side. This is very much Ferris' movie, yes there are other characters who round out the story, but you pay the most attention to Ferris and that isn't a bad thing considering the fact that his name is in the title of the movie.

My second favourite character is Edward Rooney, Ferris' principal played by Jerrfey Jones. He is what you would consider the film's antagonist. He's funny in a way that isn't obvious when you look at him. His funny moments come from circumstances that he finds himself in rather than the way his character is written.

Other notable characters are Alan Ruck as Cameron Frye, Ferris' best friend. He is the opposite of Ferris and the two pal of each other very well. Mia Sara as Sloane Peterson, Ferris' girlfriend and Jennifer Grey as Jeanie Bueller, Ferris' sister. All these characters aren't as likeable as Ferris but that's the point.


 Interestingly enough this movie has an applicable lesson. As Ferris says at the beginning and the end of the movie, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it" and while I don't see myself shirking my responsibilities anytime soon, I did feel like doing things that are on the more spontaneous side after watching the movie.

The appeal of the movie is how easy it is to watch. There are no complex themes or characters and because of that, you're paying attention is on what is in front of you rather than an underlying message.


One of the most interesting things about this movie is its lack of a soundtrack even though there are songs used in the film. There are only two notable ones 'Danke Schoen' and 'Twist and Shout' and I absolutely loved how the songs were used, it was one of the most random scenes of the movie and that is why I loved them both so much.

Overall Thoughts

This was my first time watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off and the movie did not disappoint, it is as good as people say. It's a really easy movie to watch and an incredibly entertaining one to boot. This movie is a great form of escape,  as you watch the film, you live vicariously through Ferris while wishing you were more like him while simultaneously envying his carefree attitude.

Even though I've seen it once, I can tell that this movie is very rewatchable and  I100% see myself watching it again. Now I see why my sister loves it so much.