'Sky High' may just the be the best superhero movie ever made.

SKY HIGH Movie POSTER 27x40 Kurt Russell Kelly Preston Michael ...Story 

In a world where superheroes exist, Will Stronghold (Michael Angarano) has to navigate high school while being the children of two of the most famous superheroes, the Commander (Kurt Russell) and Jetstream (Kelly Preston)

This is a coming-of-age movie with a fun twist. It has superheroes involved. This is one of those movies that makes sense a kid and also as an adult. The story is very clever and highly original, we usually focus on the heroes but here we focus on their kids and what it means to have famous super-powered parents.


There are good performances all around, nothing particularly noteworthy but you're not watching a movie like this to be wowed by the acting. It's good enough to sustain my attention and even though there was some overacting, that's okay.

There is genuine chemistry amongst the cast. While writing this blog post I read an article titled '20 Crazy Facts about Sky High' and even though the cast was a little clique-ish, there was genuine comradery behind the scenes which translates on screen.

The characters are relatable and grounded, even though most of them are superpowered beings. It also has to be said that Warren Peace (best name ever) is the best character in the film and I understand him more now than I did when I first watched the movie. Honorary mentions to Ron Wilson, Bus Driver, the second best character in the movie.


This movie perfectly blends teen-comedy and superhero movie tropes. This is one of those movies that knows what it is and never tries to be more than that. It's not juggling side plots or moving parts, and even though the story is on the cliche side (it is a kids movie after all), the movie makes up for with genuine heart and humour and I'm not mad at it.

While I was watching it, I noticed that the movies deals with the idea of identity. Will has to cope with being the child of two super-powered parents while Warren struggles with having a superhero for a mom and a supervillain for a dad and what that means for him. That's a lot more philosophical than I remember it being.

The movie is more clever than we give it credit for (I mean Warren Peace is literary genius and is the greatest name ever given to a character in a film), something you notice when you're older and rewatch it. From the way, characters are named, to the references made to other superhero movies, and cameos, you notice all the little details when you rewatch it and I thought they were pretty cool.

CGI/Set Design 

It's rare that CGI from the early 2000s doesn't distract me from the movie I'm watching, but the CGI wasn't distracting here. It's very good for its time and doesn't look very hideous when you compare it to CGI today (that doesn't mean it's going to win awards for best VFX)

I loved the comic book effect used at the beginning and end of the film, it was something that wasn't done in 2005 and fits in perfectly with the overall tone of the film.


While I was watching the movie for this review I found out that Michael Giacchino scored the film. The score fits the overall tone of the film and even though I wouldn't call the score iconic, it has stuck with me all these years. Whenever I heard it, I found myself humming along.

The soundtrack is also decent. It comprises mostly of 80's cover songs which makes sense given the John Hues-esque nature of the film and for the most part, the soundtrack is pretty intuned with the film. Noting particularly stands out but it's pleasant and fun much like the rest of the movie

Overall Thoughts

I got the idea to review this movie from @RXMANSPHEONIX on Twiter after seeing this tweet.

And after watching it I remembered why I loved this movie so much. It's the right amount of funny, cringy and "dramatic". And for a film that released in 2005, it hasn't aged badly.

I'll always have a soft spot for this movie because it reminds me of a simpler time when Blockbuster Video was still a thing. (My brother reminded me that we watched this after renting at Blockbuster.) Did you feel old yet?

All in all Sky High is a great movie to watch it you want a light movie that's going to make you laugh (sometimes because it's funny and other times because it's ridiculous but in a good way) and isn't trying too hard to be something it isn't. Watching it an adult made me notice the homages and easter eggs that are littered throughout the movie that any comic fan would love. In my opinion, this movie is severely underrated and I would 100% watch a sequel.

Sky High is a great family movie and I would definitely recommend it.